Welcome to Bazic Blue - A different touch.


Bazic Blue is a family owned and operated IT service provider with a difference, sprung from the mind of Cas Mollien. Being a Dutchman in America, he brings a different perspective to IT management which results in higher availability and reduced cost. Corporate Services

During a progressive career in the IT and Communications field in Fortune 500 as well as entrepreneurial businesses, Cas built business networks and data-centers across Europe, the USA, the South Pacific and the Caribbean.

For years, Cas has applied his technical know-how to the businesses of friends and family, introducing new and exciting ways to make business better, cheaper and more manageable, which has led to the creation of Bazic Blue - Giving small and medium sized businesses a chance to play like the big boys do at a fraction of the cost.



Bazic Blue specializes in implementation services, network overhaul projects and ongoing network maintenance. While many of these are approached on project bases, our clients often prefer to take an over-time approach which has less impact on the business. We understand that running your business is your priority, so we want to keep any impact as low as possible. 

Through our experience we have learned that many of our customers see the requirement of having reliable IT services available, but often find the variable cost associated with dial-a-tech prohibitive.


Our services

While Bazic Blue offers a full set of services, our most popular is a unique service, described as 'IT on retainer'. Why? Because we understand that some months you need more done than others and it is is not a lot of fun getting slapped with a variable bill, often on top of the cost of the initial issue.

It is in the business' best interest to keep the expenses low and steady, while by offering retainer based services, it is in our best interest to make sure that you have as few issues as possible.

The result? A stable, managed network that is given the attention it needs to keep you in business. 

Curious if this will work for you? Give us a call at 305-388-1717. A consultation is always free.

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